The Keats Agency Chooses TC & Company and TCMMT to augment it’s social media areas with On-Hold, Facebook & Youtube video production and Live interviews for GooG+.

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Nuptials Notices to find Work

Watching an old re-run of the ‘Odd Couple’ tv series revealed how savvy New Yorkers can locate hard to find apartments for rent via the ‘Death Notices’ sections of the daily newspaper. Who woulda thunk, right.
Now, the same can be said of ‘Nuptial Notices’ in newspapers. Notably, the New York Times. There, you’ll find the cream of the crop of today’s movers & shakers taking the plunge and revealing to the world…their Bio’s!!
Why there’s Evan Hansen, creative director at JWT or Nancy Jonas, head of development at Hasbro. Some, like Halsey Meyers of Halsbrook Fashions is launching a website in September…and may need a few extra photogs!
Get the picture. It’s a whole new resource of contacts…and they’re happy contacts. Geez, you can congrat them on their honeymoon return (hopefully while their still floating-on-a-cloud) and ask them for a job. One things for sure, the odds are better than asking for an apartment from some dead persons family.
Blog-back if there are any true blue success stories.

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Belmont Stakes Triple Crown Challenge

Blog Talk Radio Welcomes  Joanne K. Adams, Director of Community Relations at The New York Racing Association, Inc., as Tom Clifford and Mildred M. Tassone chat about the 144th running of the Belmont Stakes, how Belmont Festival Week effects the Floral Park Community and what to expect from the Triple Crown Hopeful by “I’ll take Another”.
Click to listen to Show (27:00 min)

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Blog Talk Radio Show Celebrating 35th Anniversary – World Trade Center Climb

Blog Talk Radio Show (May 26, 2012) Commemorating the 35th Anniversary of the World Trade Center Climb (1977) by George Willig, a 27 year old toy maker…inventor. Tom Clifford, Bob Brown and Mildred Tassone discuss the 14 minute interview on youtube with George after the momentous climb 35 years ago.

Click to listen to Blog Talk Radio Show


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George Willig Interview 35th Anniversary on Blog Talk radio

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35th Anniversary World Trade Center Climb

For Immediate Release

35th Anniversary World Trade Center Climb

May 26, 2012 …Thirty Five Years since George Willig, a 27 year old toy maker-inventor climbed the South Tower of the World Trade Center

Three and a half hours of heroic history were made when George’s inventiveness gripped New York… and the world. It was one of those moments in time when everything stopped. Everyone gathered around to watch and listen, perhaps as they did with Lindbergh’s flight, or Man’s first walk on the Moon.

After developing a device that would enable him to use the window washing channels of the South Tower, George scaled the building’s 110 floors. This once in lifetime feat gave New Yorkers a much needed departure from news of the day…which included the continuing tension from the assaults of the .44 Caliber Killer – still very much in the daily headlines and nightly news. George was interviewed in his Hollis, Queens apartment by Tom Clifford and Bob Brown, and his candidness portrays an “Everyman” whose love of climbing had all of New York hold it’s collective breath.

You can now listen to this exclusive informal interview with George, recorded a few weeks after the climb, as he candidly relives that day. The inspiration, preparation, the “how’s and why’s” of the climb that lives on in the history of the World Trade Center. Also featured is Gus Ingelman, the news reporter from ABC who covered the momentous event on the air.

Special Blog Talk Radio Show May 26th, with playback recording at this link.

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Representation in – The Longhorn State

DVA Talent Logo

DVA Talent of Texas has reached out to Tom Clifford VoiceOver Artist and is now going to represent his talents in the great State of Texas! Greater still, because my brother a retired Command Sgt Mjr for the US Army for over 34 years, has chose to reside in San Antonio, Texas USA.

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WTC Unclimbable in re-work

After a stint as Emcee for the Alzheimer’s Awards its time to get moving with the re-work of George Willig’s 35th Anniversary edition of his 1977 climb up the South Tower of the Original World Trade Center Twin Towers.
Besides adding some extra footage and re-voicing some voice tracks, Bob Brown and Tom Clifford have been canvassing North-Eastern Radio stations for interest in aring the project for the May 26th, 2012 Anniversary date.

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Touro Law re-Casts Tom Clifford as Signature Voice on NY Radio

Austin Williams, ad agency for Touro Law, has recast Tom Clifford as their signature voice on Radio for their winter “Open House” program. Media Mechanix, is the production house responsible for the radio mix.

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Tom Clifford VoiceOver & Creative Services L-A-N-D-S e-2D Advanced Hawkeye VO

Tom Clifford, Lands the voice over gig for the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye industrial video via The Phoenix Group. Lots of Heavy-Duty Tech-Talk and Call-to-Action read – sets the tone for this Military/quasi-Civilian airplane to Lift-Off the screen at conventions and board-rooms across the country!

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