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tc & Company produces tv/radio spots, film & tv sound tracks station promos, animation tracks, all types of multi media, industrials, internet , point of sale, sound grabbing web-imaging, phone programming all broadcast quality and with rapid turnaround. Tom Clifford is a seasoned professional voiceover artist and skilled at all phases of audio editing & production.

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As a national voiceover artist, Tom has been establishing award-winning credits for many years in the television, radio & film industries. His ability for diversity gives perspectives countless options. Extending his talents to the character and imitation fields with remarkable development and dead-on accuracy.

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In the area of creative, tc & Company supplies the resources to team plan your project development. Establishing concept development or working within one that’s been created, you’ll find tc & Company flexible, practical and talented enough to accommodate the GOAL.


Want web-site development - Need a script that’s got all the elements for “human contact” - Have a script but it could use a little assist - Or, just need production? That’s the kind of work we like to do. All kinds. And we can do it with every facet of the creative process.

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Another example of tc & Company’s tandem abilities is shown here for Symbol Mobile, produced by: The Phoenix Group. Phoenix - supplied the animation and tc & Company, featuring Tom, “Einstein” Clifford, supplied just the right character voice via Ftp & email.






TC & Co. is a full service audio & visual production company
offering a full range of broadcast services for Animation, Media, Film & Production companies, Television & Radio Stations as well as Corporate and Industrial clients throughout the World.

Our studio offers the convenience of non-linear editing and can accommodate all formats. Full acoustic shielding booths. Systems  equipped with digital optical interface resulting in pristine broadcast quality recordings. 


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In Store Media VO/Production



West Virginia's Breeder's Classic w/Sam Huff - VO


Ron Darling & Ed Kranepool regional - VO


New York Radio VO


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tc & Company can help your web site break through the clutter with Facebook 'Wall' Twitter 'Clicks' and Youtube Audio/Video mini-productions, Audio/Video web page-openers - tutorials, interactive training, etc. Complete production with Flash, Java Script or HTML-5 inserts that play on all  browsers& mobiles.




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tc & Company pioneered the use of Tom’s voice & production skills with his telephone On-Hold service called Message-On-Hold. It is one of the premier companies in the industry.

tc & Company’s take on the Telephone On-Hold industry is:
an audience is a terrible thing to waste”.
There’s no greater waste than to insult the intelligence of your listeners. Personable reads, great music, a willingness and talent to entertain and imaginative digital productions, have set tc & Co’s. Message-On-Hold apart…
to where callers often ask to be placed back on hold.


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