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The Services:


tc & Company’s Message-On-Hold service provides all the essentials for optimum usage of your

businesses telephone on hold feature.

         From digital or analog playback equipment, installation (where applicable), imaginative

creative script writing (from your basic information), world class voiceover (with Character & Imitation Specialties), royalty-free non-elevator music - all professionally produced and digitally recorded. It’s easy to get started, be equipped and even get program changes.


         It starts with receiving your company info. tc & Company will write a script, email back any changes or additions, paste it to a music bed and play or email a rough for approval. The final audio program can be loaded onto a CD, flash memory chip even emailed (depending on which apparatus you choose for playback). We also supply devices to allow your company's on-hold capabilities if your phone system is limited to one or two lines.


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The Equipment:
























Analog programs sound good and are the least expensive.

Utilizing  a CD or iTunes player as your source to play-back your message program is as simple as using a patch cord (supplied) from the ear-phone jack to your telephone system panel.


Merely engage the repeat function on the players for endless playback.


It should be noted that CD & iTunes players are not meant for 24/7 endless playback and should be turned off on a daily basis.








Digital programs are better sound quality. And the advantages of  Digital playback devices go beyond just better sound quality.

First off, there are no moving parts to wear out. And there is an unlimited capacity for program time. If the power should go out, there’s a cadmium battery for back up…no program loss. Plus power consumption is less than analog.

Programs are easily uploaded with SD chips (older models) or USB port, via memory stick. Also, simply pull out the program memory stick to upload new programs from email attachments. Just drag & drop new programs onto the memory stick and push it back into the player.


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Remember: tc & Company never has nor will have a minimum requirement of message programs. You may purchase one program a week or one a year and you’ll always be treated with equal courtesy and timely turnaround time. Please feel free to inquire.





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