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A full service Audio & Audio-to-Video production company as diverse as today’s ever changing electronic advances...And More !

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Season 2024

MetaVerse Immerses virtually with Tom Clifford for Boehringer Ingelheim


Tinol Paints announces Int'l Colors Day with TC and Company


The Halloween Season rang in some fun with novel wed'g twist !


Terminal Bar VO flavors MarkForged 3-D Metal Printing Promo!

What we do

Tom Clifford: is an established national voiceover artist with award-winning credits skilled at all phases of audio editing & production. Tom formed TC & Company, a full service production company that produces broadcast quality audio/video.

Services Include:  Voice & Production -  all types of social & multi media, mobile programming, tv/radio spots, film & tv sound tracks, station promos, animation tracks, industrials, internet greetings and tutorials, point of sale, sound grabbing web-imaging, phone programming - all with rapid turnaround.

* Skilled specialist with producing, posting & tagging video & audio to all social media.