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A full service Audio & Audio-to-Video production company as diverse as today’s ever changing electronic advances...And More !

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Season 2023

Tom's English accent opens up for Purfresh  ozone atmosphere cargo containers



Fertile Crescent gets seeded w/Tom's World's Fair v/o tribute to Peter Thomas.



Music Prod'cr Tags stand out w/Tom Clifford as an imitation voice print!



Terminal Bar VO flavors MarkForged 3-D Metal Printing Promo!

What we do

Tom Clifford: is an established national voiceover artist with award-winning credits skilled at all phases of audio editing & production. Tom formed TC & Company, a full service production company that produces broadcast quality audio/video.

Services Include:  Voice & Production -  all types of social & multi media, mobile programming, tv/radio spots, film & tv sound tracks, station promos, animation tracks, industrials, internet greetings and tutorials, point of sale, sound grabbing web-imaging, phone programming - all with rapid turnaround.

* Skilled specialist with producing, posting & tagging video & audio to all social media.