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Creatively, TC & Co. supplies the resources to team plan your project development. Establishing concept or working within one that's already been created, you'll find TC & Co. flexible, practical and talented enough to accommodate your goal.


About our company

Tom is presently the voice of Apolo Anton Ohno's 8-Zone Nutritional Line .

Seen on the left with Apolo at  Book signing for his latest book - "Zero Regrets" . Tom can also be heard on the longer "infomercial" version via Apolo's YouTube Channel.

Why choose us

TC & Company has a great deal to offer those in need of outstanding audio & audio-to-video production. As a national voiceover artist, Tom Clifford had been establishing award-winning credits for many years in the television, radio & film industries. Tom's ability for diversity in voice range and his talented skill for flawless production gives prospective's countless options with rapid turnaround.

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Our Previous Client Run

Axial Trophy Trucks featured on CBS Sports Net, voiced by Tom Clifford


South-East Auto casts Tom Clifford as the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh for their Tv commercial.

Spootakular animated cartoon features Tom Clifford as silly host!

Water Mill Bldg. Supply casts Tom Clifford to voice its Radio Summer Splash.